Stop the Analytics Consultant Cycle

If you’re an executive in HR, take a moment to see if this sounds familiar:

One afternoon you’re in the office after a long lunch at Olive Garden with all your junior HR managers. Heck, let’s say it was *Applebees* — you love those guys. Today’s conversation got you thinking it’s time to level-up your HR practice. We’re talking all the way to the *Big Leagues*. It’s time to move from descriptive, operational reporting to advanced “people intelligence”. 

This means upgrading your operational reporting to proactive reporting. It’s everything from root-cause analysis for answering specific questions to proactively identifying HR issues along with providing recommended, actionable solutions. It also means building predictive models for scenario simulations plus integration with Business Intelligence linked to the latest research. You heard me right, you’re taking your organization’s analytics practice to the cutting-edge, the state-of-the art.

Follow the “Leaders”, or How to Waste $$$ with your People Analytics Projects

If you’re like pretty much every company we’ve worked with, I say, “It’s time to level-up your analytics practice,” and you think, “It’s time to find the right consultant plus an integrated HRIS software solution.” Sometimes you start with the consultant. Other times you start with the software. Either way, you’re asking the software to do something it can’t (i.e. level-up your team). Don’t believe me? Tell me you haven’t been on this hamster wheel:

You go ahead and sign the contract for the new HRIS software, and you hire the consultant. You’re committed, and this relationship proceeds through these steps:

  1. There’s the honeymoon where the hope and promise of this new software along with all the large capital expense has you confident you’re on the road to increased insights and capabilities.
  2. The next stage is when you start having suspicions that this software and consultant you’re paying six figures per year isn’t able to deliver on its promises.
  3. Then comes the divorce when everyone realizes that the software and/or the consultant isn’t the answer. Heck, can’t we just have IT write some scripts for those reports we’ve been using the past two years!?

Once you get over the pain and disappointment, say a couple of months to a year down the road, you figure it’s time to get back out there and try the waters. Who knows, with the pace of development maybe someone has solved the problem and developed an integrated HRIS solution that delivers?

✋ Stop the Cycle

Stop it. Just, stop it. Don’t be a part of this anymore. 👇

There’s not a single software package in the world that is going to advance your people analytics practice beyond reactive, operational reporting. To truly advance, your team must elevate their people analytics practice. This means they must acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to implement the latest research and best practices. 

Instead of reflexively looking for that next consultant + software solution, it’s time to call in the team that helps your department raise their game. That’s what we do at Red Castle. 

Instead of shilling for some software vendor, we bring you world-class expertise from the best minds in people analytics. For a fraction of the cost of a new HRIS software package, we show your team how to level-up using the tools and systems already in place within your organization.

Talk with us today to see how Red Castle can elevate your organization’s analytics practice.

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