How to Drive Business Results via People Analytics

How successful has your organization been at applying business intelligence (BI) methodologies to your people processes? Have you tried investing in new technology marketed for this purpose or upgrading your HRIS system with the hopes of making data-driven decisions?

Perhaps you’ve been doing one or both of these things long enough to realize that *neither* approach works. They’re both expensive and rarely deliver the ROI you need to see for investing in a sustainable path to success. What’s more, the lack of clear ROI creates an unintended barrier between HR and corporate IT.

Turning your data into insights is a technology issue. It’s one that can be solved, but it’s only the first step in your problem. Next you must translate those insights into actions and finally ensure those actions are driving business results.

The Path to Real Results

At Red Castle, we help advance your People Analytics practice by moving beyond the old paradigm of simply applying “the latest technology” and/or “upgraded HRIS systems”. In order to implement a sustainable People Analytics capability, we help you create a multiyear road map with demonstrable milestones. We start this process by conducting an audit where we baseline your existing resources, processes, and technology available to implement a solution. This process includes generating both a gap analysis and closure plan so as to build an effective roadmap. We serve as your outside, unbiased third-party able to effectively and efficiently complete this work.

To make this happen, Red Castle has developed a proprietary scientific process that is part of our University Affiliated Affordable Research (UAARâ„¢) program. We do the primary data collection, individual interviews, focus groups, and benchmarking. Our process costs less than $20,000, and we complete it in 60-90 days.

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