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Our project offerings help you measure your employee experience (eNPS Assessments), track the effectiveness of your training initiatives (Trajectories™), and provide you with management consulting.

Training & Certification

Red Castle Institute provides HR Management and Analytics training. Elevate your executive team's analytics practice to the next level of maturity known as "people intelligence".


Red Castle is aligned with The University of Tennessee to develop the next generation of workforce analytics leaders. Build your company's talent pipeline through our Fellows Program.

Start playing "moneyball" with your team

Many HR Leaders we talk with have a hunch they can be doing more with their People Analytics. You’ve been to the seminars, you’ve read the reports. Other companies and organizations are doing advanced and predictive analytics, but you need a plan to actually implement these strategies and best practices.

Where are you with your strategy?


Level 1

Operational Reporting

0 %

56% of organizations
function at Level 1.*


Level 2

Advanced Reporting

0 %

30% of organizations
function at Level 2.*


Level 3

People Analytics

0 %

10% of organizations
function at Level 3.*


Level 4

People Intelligence

0 %

4% of organizations
function at Level 4.*

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