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Red Castle’s targeted assessment* capability gives you the data you need to solve workforce problems and grow your company.

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How much data are you gathering?

You can’t act on data that you don’t possess. And, if you’re conducting anonymous surveys to measure employee engagement, you’re building aggregate datasets which have little diagnostic value.

Red Castle’s eNPS Assessments provide you with the targeted individual data you need to track employee, managerial, and unit-level engagement trends across time. Utilize this data to positively affect your company’s behavioral and financial metrics.

Everyone else's
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Red Castle's
Targeted Assessments

"Workforce Engagement" isn't the answer.

If you’re concerned with the output of your workforce, no doubt you’ve been presented with some form of workforce engagement assessment as a measure for the overall health of your business. Perhaps your top managers’ bonuses are linked to it. Unfortunately, most assessment firms apply workforce engagement concepts by conducting anonymous surveys which don’t take into account what it means (and doesn’t mean) in your workforce.

On the other hand, Red Castle’s eNPS Assessments are unique to the people analytics industry. We are the only company doing targeted assessments. Our confidential surveys are tied to each individual in your company.

Rather than simply tracking aggregate data, Red Castle’s eNPS Assessments allow you to track employee, managerial, and unit-level engagement trends across time. We’re able to link those trends to behavioral and financial metrics and use the data we gather to affect positive change.

Picture of Dr. Tim Munyon

Dr. Tim Munyon

Dr. Munyon is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Red Castle, and an Associate Professor of Management at the Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee.


Red Castle’s eNPS Assessments get you on the path of gathering actionable data at all levels of your operation. Here’s how we do it:

1) Initial Consultation/Project Design
We work with you to design the assessment and review what you’ve previously collected. 

2) Targeted Assessment Process
Red Castle handles the targeted assessment process. We send out unique, confidential survey links to all your employees.

3) Data Analysis
Red Castle collects and links responses with demographic data provided by employer.

4) Workshops
We report and present our findings in live workshops to either a central group or departmental managers. 

5) Close the Feedback Loop
Moving forward you’ll be able to assess your workforce development across time.

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