Analytics Advancement

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1 Analytics Audit

To execute a sustainable and affordable analytics strategy, it’s critical you first start with benchmarking the capabilities that already exist within your organization. In addition to documenting current technology and processes, we assess the people performing analytical functions supporting operational reporting requirements.

Our findings are then benchmarked against both a maturity model (see graphic) and Level Four industry leaders from all industries.

Completing Red Castle’s Workforce Analytics Assessment will help you see how outsourcing analytics will impact innovation and business outcomes for your organization.

Where are you with your analytics practice?

2 Analytics Advancement

Most organizations struggle to execute their analytics strategy because they’re stuck at Level One and don’t have the expertise or time to innovate beyond the demands of operational reporting.

Using the output from our Audit services, we create a custom roadmap that optimizes tools you’re already implemented and levels-up your existing team through mentoring and continuous learning.

Our objective is to lead the delivery of all current needs while each quarter is executing new capabilities to level-up your analytics function. Our mission is to enable evidence-based workforce management and organizational development through advanced analytics. 

3 Learning & Development

Red Castle’s Trajectories program links the workforce investments you’ve made in Steps 1 and 2 above to objective organizational metrics. We’ve designed this program to independently and continuously assess the effectiveness of your organizational development programs by linking these to business outcomes across time.

The Red Castle Trajectories process:

  1. Select the KPIs that are important to your organization, which will be combined with our core productivity indices to establish meaningful metrics.
  2. We begin a process of targeted assessment where we systematically track employees, establishing a baseline of your workforce and measure over time.
  3. Once employees are exposed to learning and development programming, we will track and quantify changes in their metric Trajectories.
  4. We report the findings back to you, providing independent and rigorous third-party assessments of L&D program impact on business outcomes.

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