Learning Measurement

Track the Effectiveness of your Training Initiatives

We all know investing in our people improves performance and the customer value proposition; however, it may be difficult to link workforce investments to objective organizational metrics.

Surveys show a high majority of Learning Officers measure employee response to training but are struggling to link and correlate that training to business metrics that really matter.

So how do you know which of your programs are effective? How do you know which initiatives impact the bottom line? With Trajectories.

Our Trajectories program was specifically designed to independently and continuously assess the effectiveness of organizational development programs by linking workforce investments to business outcomes across time. Trajectories can be applied to complement any learning and development program,  providing ongoing workforce intelligence that enables you to estimate returns from OD investments, identify participation gaps, and improve vendor selection.

What is your formal ROI for learning? Don’t be alarmed if you don’t know. Only 27% of those surveyed by Chief Learning Officer magazine in 2018 did.

The Trajectories Process

Research has shown developing a people analytics strategy starts by first creating a plan followed by a phased approach over time in order to foster the process and technology capabilities an organization needs to leverage data in order to make evidence-based decisions.

  1. Select the KPIs that are important to your organization, which will be combined with our core productivity indices to establish meaningful metrics.
  2. We begin a process of targeted assessment where we systematically track employees, establishing a baseline of your workforce and measure over time.
  3. Once employees are exposed to learning and development programming, we will track and quantify changes in their metric Trajectories.
  4. We report the findings back to you, providing independent and rigorous third-party assessments of L&D program impact on business outcomes.

Start making data-driven decisions

Our Trajectories program gives you the insight and workforce intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions. Download our detailed information about our Trajectories program to learn how you can start today:

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