Rui Li

Red Castle Fellow •

Rui Li, a fourth-year Ph.D. student, is majoring in Industrial Systems and Engineering at UTK. She is highly skilled in conducting data analysis and evaluation with statistical methods and Machine Learning algorithms, since she has learned several related Ph.D. courses, such as Machine Learning with Regularization and Data Mining Methods & Applications.

She has cooperated with the group of Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning of Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the research topic of Geometrical Accuracy Control of Additive Manufacturing Parts with Machine Learning Methods. The defects detection test results are strongly improved from 5.51% to 89% (F-measure) with her method. Therefore, she is detail-oriented and committed to advancing understanding of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Additive Manufacturing and Optimization.

As she has been studied and lived in China, Germany and the USA, she enjoys learning, working and communicating with people from diverse cultures. She is passionate about any tasks related to exploring and finding patterns in data, further, to offer solutions to real workforce analytics problems. She takes stock in that Machine Learning will be a promising and efficient method to the recent workforce analytics in companies.

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