Lauren Garris

Red Castle Fellow •

Lauren Garris is a Masters Candidate at the University of Tennessee, Haslam College of Business and will complete her degree in Management and Human Resources next July. She completed her undergraduate program in Management at Maryville College and graduated in 2018, after which she continued to pursue her career path of hospitality management. Across her professional resume lies a common thread of guest experience, hospitality, and creating and fostering positive experiences. Over the course of her professional development, she became inspired and dedicated to applying those concepts to bettering the employee experience. Her role at Red Castle is to assist with client project coordination and communication, while also translating data insights into actionable changes that organizations can make to improve their workforce health and business outcomes. In her free time, she enjoys camping, tinkering with a handful of instruments at an amateur level, tending indoor houseplants and outdoor flowers, and traveling.

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