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How many patients will your facility discharge today only to have them return within 30 days?

You know your numbers. Red Castle will help you lower them.

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Red Castle Human Capital works with healthcare industry companies like yours to help you get to the root causes of workforce caused readmissions. Our experts utilize our proprietary algorithms to help your team make use of your existing data to make decisions which affect your bottom line.
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The Red Castle Process

Dr. Tim Munyon, Co-Founder Red Castle Human Capital, explains what sets us apart.

1) Acquisition

You most likely have the data you need. These come from sources like HR, clinical, financial, training, and evaluation. We gather your data into one centralized repository or “data lake”.

2) Extrapolation

Once we have your data gathered in a “data lake”, we utilize our proprietary algorithms to extrapolate the data you want and need to see.

3) Formulation

Next we help you formulate a plan of what you want to learn about your organization.

4) Solutions

Now that we’ve gathered your data, pulled out useful data points, and created reports which yield vital information about your organization, you’ll be able to create evidence-based solutions to your problems.

Breaking through the Reduced Readmissions "Plateau"

During the past ten years, providers like you have successfully reduced readmissions in the early phase of the ACA. You’ve used tools like patient needs assessment, medication reconciliation, patient education, arranging timely outpatient appointments, and providing telephone follow-up. However, as a whole, the healthcare industry has hit a plateau with traditional remediation strategies forcing providers to look for new methods.

Rather than focusing solely on patient outcomes, smart providers like you are turning your attention to your employees; the nurses, technicians, and caregivers who are the backbone of your organization. Consequently, this means we can look outside your industry to find best practices in other “Customer Service”-type scenarios like Disney, Chick-fil-a, hospitality, and retail.

When we look here, one truth is emerging — you cannot deliver exceptional Patient Experiences (PX) if you are not providing a legendary Employee Experience (EX). But actually getting there is another problem, it’s a problem which Red Castle is especially suited to help you solve.

Case Study: Lee Memorial Hospital

See how the Red Castle Hospital Readmission Reduction Program helped a small regional hospital with 2,500 employees in East Tennessee. The data we helped them uncover is helping them stay independently owned and operated.

We were able to uncover an $11+ million savings opportunity by reducing RN turnover. In turn, lower RN turnover is a major factor in lowering hospital readmissions.

The Red Castle Process: It's like "money ball" for hospitals.

~ Health Industry Analyst